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Dietmar Rösner, Rafael Friesen, Mirko Otto, Julia Lange, Matthias Haase, and Jörg Frommer (2011)

Intentionality in Interacting with Companion Systems -- an Empirical Approach

In: HCI International 2011. Springer.

We report about a WOZ experiment with a carefully designed scenario that allows to investigate how users interact with a companion system in a mundane situation with the need for planning, re-planning and strategy change. The data collection from the experiments comprises multimodal records (audio, video, biopsychological parameters) and transcripts of the verbal interaction, and all subjects fill out a battery of well established psychometric questionnaires about various aspects especially of their personality. This will allow to correlate observed behaviour and detected affects and emotions with measured aspects of the personality of subjects and is expected to serve as a basis for defining a typology of users. In addition, a subgroup of the subjects takes part in semiformal in-depth interviews that focus on retrospective reflexion of the users’ subjective experience during the experiments and especially on the intentionality that users ascribed to the system during the course of interaction.

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