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Gathering Corpora of Affected Speech in Human-Machine Interaction: Refinement of the Wizard-of-Oz Technique
The primary aim of this paper is to address the methodological desiderata in obtaining a corpus of affected speech in human-machine interaction. We propose requirements that are to be met in order that a Wizard-of-Oz scenario designed to elicit affected speech could result in ecologically valid data. In addition, we report about the Wizard-of-Oz experiment conducted in the framework of the NIMITEK project. This project has the primary goal to investigate the role of emotions and intentions in human-machine dialogue. In the first phase of the experiment the focus was on prosody as a means to communicate emotional state.
Integration von E-Assessment und Content-Management
Paper bei DeLFI 2005
Interoperabilität von elektronischen Tests
Paper bei DeLFI 2007
Linguistic Expression of Emotion in Human-Machine Interaction: The NIMITEK Corpus as a Research Tool
LlsChecker, ein CAA-System für die Lehre im Bereich Programmiersprachen
Paper bei DeLFI 2005
Master's Thesis Feustel
Analyse von Texteingaben in einem CAA-Werkzeug zur elektronischen Einreichung und Auswertung von Aufgaben
Master's Thesis Veeramachaneni
On the Role of the NIMITEK Corpus in Developing an Emotion Adaptive Spoken Dialogue System
Processing dialogue-based data in the UIMA framework
Processing dialogue-based data requires handling of different forms of data, such as video, audio, text, etc. This paper presents our experiences in using the UIMA framework to process and analyze dialogues from the NIMITEK corpus.
Tactical, document-oriented e-learning components
Paper for IADIS E-Learning Conference 2007
The NIMITEK Corpus of Affected Behavior in Human-Machine Interaction

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