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Links to our eduComponent Plone products.

eduComponents mailing list
A low-volume mailing list for questions and announcements related to the eduComponents products. If you're using eduComponents, you're encouraged to subscribe to this list.
ECLecture is a Plone product for managing lectures, seminars and other courses.
A Plone product for multiple-choice tests, including extended text questions with tutor grading. It offers QTI v2.0 import and export for questions and tests and CSV export for test results. This product is the successor to LlsMultipleChoice.
ECAssignmentBox is a Plone product which enables the creation, submission and grading of online assignments (exercises, homework), both for traditional on-site courses and for e-learning.
ECAutoAssessmentBox is derived from ECAssignmentBox and provides special support for automatic evaluation of student submissions, e.g., programming assignments.
ECReviewBox is an add-on for ECAssignmentBox. It allows teachers to create peer review assignments for submissions to a previous assignment box.
ECSpooler is a Python XML-RPC service, which provides the automatic testing of submissions for ECAutoAssessmentBox. A typical use case are programming assignments, where students have to submit programs.

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