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This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author:

Jurafsky, D and Martin, JH (2008).
Speech and Language Processing (2nd ed.)
Prentice-Hall, Inc., New Jersey 07458 .

Armstrong, J (2007).
Programming Erlang -- Software for a Concurrent World
The Pragmatic Bookshelf, Raleigh, North Carolina; Dallas, Texas (ISBN: 1-9343560-0).

Goos, G and Zimmermann, W (2006).
Vorlesungen über Informatik
Springer-Verlag , Berlin ... (4th edition)(ISBN: 3-540-24405-0).

Habibi, M (2006).
Java Regular Expressions: Taming the java.util.regex Engine
friends of ED(ISBN: 978-1590591079).

Hutton, G (2006).
Programming in Haskell
Cambridge University Press (ISBN: 0521692695).

Chakravarty, MM and Keller, GC (2002).
An Introduction to Computing with Haskell
Pearson Education Australia (ISBN: 1 74009 404 2).

Manning, CD and Schütze, H (2002).
Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing
MIT Press (Fifth printing edition)(ISBN: 0-262-13360-1).

Schulmeister, R (2002).
Grundlagen hypermedialer Lernsysteme
Oldenbourg, München (3., korrigierte Auflage edition)(ISBN: 3-486-25864-8).

Bird, R (2000).
Introduction to functional programming using Haskell
Prentice Hall Europe (2. edition)(ISBN: 0-13-484346-0).

Jurafsky, D and Martin, JH (2000).
Speech and Language Processing
Prentice-Hall, Inc., New Jersey 07458 (ISBN: 0-13-122798-X).

Scott, ML (2000).
Programming Language Pragmatics
Academic Press (ISBN: 1-55860-578-9).

Pepper, P (1999).
Funktionale Programmierung in OPAL, ML, HASKELL und GOFER
Springer-Verlag , Berlin ... (ISBN: 3-540-64541-1).

Rabhi, F and Lapalme, G (1999).
Algorithms -- A Functional Programming Approach
Addison-Wesley Publishers Ltd. (ISBN: 0-201-59604-0).

Steinmetz, R (1999).
Multimedia-Technologie -- Grundlagen, Komponenten und Systeme
Springer, Berlin (2nd edition)(ISBN: 3-540-62060-5).

Thompson, S (1999).
Haskell - The Craft of Functional Programming
Addison Wesley Longman Ltd., Essex (2nd edition)(ISBN: 0-201-34275-8).

Armstrong, J, Virding, R, Wikström, C, and Williams, M (1996).
Concurrent Programming in ERLANG
Pearson Education Ltd., Harlow, Essex GB (2nd edition)(ISBN: 0-13-508301-X).

Sethi, R (1996).
Programming Languages - Concepts & Constructs
Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Reading, Massachusetts (Second edition)(ISBN: 0-201-59065-4).

Bryan, M (1995).
SGML -- An Author's Guide to the Standard Generalized Markup Language
Addison-Wesley Publishers Ltd. (ISBN: 0-201-17535-5).

Szillat, H (1995).
SGML -- Eine praktische Einführung
Intern. Thompson Publ. , Bonn (ISBN: 3-929821-75-3).

Clocksin, W and Mellish, C (1994).
Programming in Prolog
Springer, Berlin (Fourth edition)(ISBN: 3-540-58350-5).

Duffy, TM and Jonassen, DH (1992).
Constructivism and the Technology of Instruction -- A Conversation
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Hillsdale, New Jersey (ISBN: 0-8058-1272-5).

Rütter, T (1973).
Formen der Testaufgabe
Beck, München(ISBN: 3-406-049-57-5).

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